GrEnFIn Full Immersion Experience, 20 – 23 june 2022 Bertinoro

GrEnFIn Full Immersion Experience, 20 – 23 june 2022 Bertinoro

The GrEnFIn Full Immersion Experience (Bertinoro - 20th/23rd June). The aim of this learning experience was to test the innovative GrEnFIn’s approach to educate the future Sustainable Energy Expert.

Pubblicato: 13 luglio 2022 | Innovazione e ricerca

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The GrEnFIn Full Immersion Experience took place in Bertinoro from 20th to 23rd of June 2022. The aim of this immersive learning experience was to test the innovative and interdisciplinary GrEnFIn’s approach to educate the future Sustainable Energy Expert. The ”Hero of the green economy" that will support transition thanks to its interdisciplinary approach. It involved almost 70 people, considering trainees (30 students and 10 professionals), trainer and staff.

During these 4 days students and professional trainees have been involved in tailored path, taking in account their backgrounds and know-how. The entire experience involved 38 trainees (28 students + 10 professionals) and 12 trainers from academia and business world.

At the end, they have been asked to melt their experiences being involved in the resolution of technical case studies on green energy, sustainable finance, quantitative analysis, topics in economic policy and business, coherently with the practices and the needs of a large offer of market and operational contexts.

All the knowledge has been applied for the case studies resolution dividing the participants in teams composed by professionals and students which allows to simulate the natural environment in a firm, where seniors and juniors cooperate. The methodology has the aim not just of providing knowledge but also, as pivotal aspect, to enhance and test the entrepreneurial skills of each participant. Trainees have been asked to solve the case study to which they have been assigned to and present it to Trainers and other groups. It motivated each group to cooperate, professionals had the chance to coordinate a team and to see how they get along being “CEO for a day”, while students had the precious opportunity to taste the business world in advance taking inspiration by the know-how of their group-mates professionals. Thanks to an appropriate structure and an accurate monitoring it creates the best environment to make professionals and students cooperate to provide a cooperative final outstanding outcome.  

The event has been organized by the University of Bologna, department of Statistical Sciences “Paolo Fortunati”, thanks to the support of EACEA, in collaboration with the whole GrEnFIn Consortium ( During the learning experience the University partners have been mostly involved providing lectures and acting as facilitator in the students/professionals coworking, while the business partners of the Consortium have been the promoter of the case studies, creating them and training the groups during the resolution. The high level of lectures contents has been ensured thanks to the participation of Birkbeck, University of London, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Katowicach, Université Paris Dauphine – PSL, University of Bologna that agreed to support the experience ensuring the presence of some of the most prominent names on the field. The group works, on the other hand, have been confirmed has extremely interesting by the beneficiaries, it has been possible only thanks the precious participation of TAURON Polska Energia, Hera spa, EGO Energy, MIWenergía, SPEED Development Consultants SA. Finally, it is worthy to remind that the whole concept of the Full Immersion Experience wouldn’t be possible, with such an innovative pattern, without the pivotal role played by the technical partner of the GrEnFIn Consortium, Pixel, that has taken care of the coordination of the platform development together with the implementation and monitoring of it.