Statistics seminar 2019 - “Statistical Learning with High-dimensional Structurally Dependent Data"

  • Data: 03 aprile 2019 dalle 12:00 alle 14:00

Taps Maiti - Michigan State University

Rapid development of information technology is making it possible to collect massive amounts of multidimensional, multimodal data with high dimensionality in diverse fields of science and engineering. New statistical learning and data mining methods have been developing accordingly to solve challenging problems arising out of these complex systems. In this talk, we will discuss a specific type of statistical learning, namely the problem of feature selection and classification when the features are high dimensional and structured, specifically, they are spatio-temporal in nature.  Various machine learning techniques are suitable for this type of problems although the underlying statistical theories are not well established. We will discuss some recently developed techniques in the context of specific examples arising in neuroimaging study.

Angela Montanari

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