Institutional Delegates

The Head of Department may grant mandates for cross-cutting matters of particular relevance.

Department Administrative Manager

The Department Administrative Manager (Monica Castagnari) is responsable for all administrative and accounting services of the Department. The Manager is responsible for coordinating the administrative staff, organizing, planning, and monitoring the resources and budget in compliance with the University's regulations and laws.

The Department Administrative Vice Manager is Lydia Donnini.

Instituational delegates

The Director is aided by institutional delegates for matters of interest for the department. The Committees coordinated by each delegate are available at the following link:

Research:  Alessandro Baldi Antognini. The role is to represent the Department with respect to matters discussed with the University Research Vice-rector, as well as to coordinate the Research committee.

Teaching and Education: Giuliano Galimberti. The rol is to supervise and monitor the functioning of teaching activities, and reprent the department in matters discussed with the University Education Vice-rector.

International Relations: Sara Capacci. The role of the Delegate is to represent the department on topics and activities on the international dimension of the University. The Delegate approves exchange programs and promotes the processes for hosting visiting professors and researchers. 

Guidance services, internships and job placement: Alessandro Lubisco. The Delegate is responsible for alla activities concerning the guidance services of the degrees activited by STAT department. The role involves monitoring internships and guidance activity for both the department and the Rimini Campus, and preparing resources connected to the orientation of (potential) students and alumni.

Third Mission: Mario MazzocchiThe Delegate is responsible for all matters related to the Third Mission dimension of the departmental activities. The role is concerned with promoting and evaluating the processes put in place by the department to foster relationships between the university, the city and wider society. These topics included dissemination and publication of scientific results produced by the Faculty.

Data Literacy: Stefania Mignani. The Delegate promotes and organizes activities focusing on the topic of Data Literacy and the dissemination of good practice on teaching methods for Statistics. 

Quality Certification ISO/9001: Giorgio Tassinari . The role of the Delegate is to supervise and monitor all procedures related to complying with regulations spefici to the Quality Certification ISO/9001. 

Seminars: Luca Trapin, Laura Anderlucci. The role of the Delegate involves promoting and plannig seminars concerning both the teaching and research dimensions of the department.