Department governing bodies

Director (2021-2024)

The Director (Carlo Trivisano) is the head of the Department of Statistical Sciences "Paolo Fortunati" (STAT) and coordinates its institutional activities. His role is to guide, structure, organize, and monitor the teaching and scientific activities. He chairs both the Council and the Board of the Department, where he is responsible for the production and archiving of official documents issued by the institutional bodies; he is responsible for administrative practice and accounting.

The Vice Director (Cinzia Viroli) collaborates with the Director and acts as a substitute in case of absence. 

Department Board

The Board of the Department includes the full, associate, and assistant professors of the Department, as well as representatives of the research fellows, doctoral and undergraduate students, and of the administrative and technical staff. The list of representatives for each category is:

  • techinical and administrative services personnel:  Maria Antonutto, Giuseppina D'Assisti, Lydia Donnini, Silvia Girometti, Chiara Monti, Francesca Mosconi, Massimiliano Rossi, Roberto Sgarbi;
  • students from Bachelor's and/or Master's Degree: Marianna Angeli, Stefano Belardinelli, Celeste D'Eredità, Amina El Mrabet, Riccardo Ferrante, Stefano Galli, Alessandra Ilvandrea Mazzuca, Jacopo Palombarini, Chiara Patricolo, Anna Scalcon, Antonietta Viola, Paola Faduma Visalli, Matteo Zanarini;
  • research fellows: Riccardo D'Alberto, Rosamarie Frieri, Lucia Guastadisegni.

Department Council

The Council of the Department assists the Head of Department in his duties and takes decisions on specific subjects as delegated by the Board. The current composition of the Council is:

  • full professors: Alessandro Baldi Antognini, Sergio Brasini, Giuliano Galimberti, Mario Mazzocchi, Stefania Mignani, Rosella Rettaroli, Carlo Trivisano, Cinzia Viroli;
  • associate professors: Renata Bottazzi, Sara Capacci, Maria Letizia Guerra, Sabrina Mulinacci;
  • assistant professors: Alessandro Lubisco, Saverio Ranciati, Francesca Tosi;
  • representatives for techinical and administrative services personnel: Chiara Monti;
  • representative for research fellows: Riccardo D'Alberto;
  • representatives for students: Riccardo Ferrante, Antonietta Viola;
  • department administrative manager: Monica Castagnari.

Local Organization Units (U.O.S.) Manager

According to the university regulations, the STAT department is represented by a Local Organization Unit (U.O.S.) in the Rimini Campus. The U.O.S. Manager (Mario Mazzocchi) acts in lieu of the Director on all matters pertaining to the U.O.S. and, upon authorization from the Head of Department, manages the resources (budget) and organizes all teaching and scientific activities, with a particular focus on the relationship between the local area and the department. 

Faculty-Students Joint Committee 


The Faculty-Students Joint Committee examines issues related to the learning path and experience of students, and it is responsible for bringing such matters to the attention of the Deparment bodies.

The Joint Committee:

  • quantitatively assess the quality of the programme catalogue, education and student services;
  • expresses opinions about the creation, activation, amendment and deletion of activities from the programme catalogue;
  • prepares an annual report containing observations about the performance of each degree, together with suggestions remedy any potential issue encountered during the evaluation.


President: Gabriele Soffritti


  • Giuliano Galimberti
  • Luca Vincenzo Ballestra
  • Pinuccia Calia
  • Roberto Impicciatore


  • Stefano Galli
  • Alessandra Ilvandrea  Mazzuca
  • Chiara Patricolo
  • Matteo Zanarini
  • Riccardo Ferrante